In many ways Shelley was the leader of the First Fab Four -

with an inspiring idea of poetry as a social force.

A highly effective way to get to know his work is through our

newly re-edited and re-issued album 'Shelley Songs',

which features Shelley lyrics and provides a

carefully crafted overview of his work.

Shelley songs square

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listen on Spotify here,

and find the Shelley lyrics and more information here.

Includes Rise like Lions  

with lyrics from his 'Song to the Men of England' and 'The Mask of Anarchy'

written in response to the Peterloo Massacre


John's tip: Create a Shelley Single with 'Rise like Lions' and 'Adonais'



Also available is our DVD 'Shelley's Golden Years in Italy'

with nine songs from the collection, a narrative voiced by Benjamin Zephaniah,

and pictures and illustrations that illuminate his life and times.

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