John Keats


Born in 1795, Keats was the youngest of the First Fab Four

and could be considered to be ‘the quiet one’.


 His life was a quiet but determined journey to achieve

his potential, rising above the loss of his parents and dedicating himself to his art.

Over a three year period he refined his skills to produce his final masterworks published in 1821.

These included 'To Autumn', perhaps the last poem he wrote and with its famous opening line

'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'


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 See here for a discussion of Keats's influence on British war poet Wilfred Owen, 

and there is more commentary on 'To Autumn' and 'On the Shore' 

at the Lyrics and Schools pages.

(And by the way, this article 'A Keatsian Field Trip' argues that 

Keats's 'stubble-plain' is now to be found under a Winchester car park).


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