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Shelley in San Giuliano di Pisa (Paradise of Exiles)       


Shelley's house in Bagni di Pisa

                                                                                                                                                                                    dia 0054

The market square, San Guiliano di Pisa)


The canal where Shelley moored his boat

Shelley's early life 1792 - 1819 (band 2, The Shelley Story):

field place1 001
Shelley's birthplace Field Place

in East Sussex

field place3 001
The room in which Shelley was born

(top right hand room in preceding photo)

field place2 crop 001
The oak tree near the stables

where Shelley would play whist

with one of the estate's workers

Shelley's early life 1792 - 1819 (band 2):

Lynmouth, North Devon

The beach from where Shelley published his Declaration of Rights by balloon and bottle

Nelson Square, Blackfriars South London, where Shelley and Mary were living when Shelley's grandfather died.
Wild Spirit - the Ode to the West Wind (bands 4 and 5, The Shelley Story)

A storm breaks over Florence - 'the locks of the approaching storm'...

Arrival in Pisa (band 6, The Shelley Story):
View of the Lung Arno, Pisa, where Shelley and Mary set up home.
The Tre Donzelle, a guest house where they first stayed, and the site of Shelley and Mary's final apartment in Pisa on top floor of the Tre Palazzo di Chiesa, Lung' Arno (on right, destroyed by bombing during WWII)

Last days in Pisa: the arrival of Byron. (band 10)
click on pictures for larger version

Lanfranchi1-resizeOn the opposite side of the river was Byron's palace the Palazzo Lanfranchi with exterior  and courtyard garden.  'So Pisa, you see, has become a little nest of singing brds' (Mary Shelley)

Lanfranchi3-resize Plaque commemorating

The Palazzo Lanfranchi  'I have got into a famous old feudal palazzo, big enough for a garrison, and so full of ghosts that my valet Fletcher has begged leave to change his room....' (Byron, Nov. 1821)

The Pine Forest by the sea (band 11)
dia 0056
The Pine Forest by the sea. 'We wandered to the pine forest/That skirts the ocean's foam....'
 pine forest
Umbrella pines
Lericileft1 Lericileft
The Casa Magni, Shelley's final home in Italy, a contemporary view depicting Shelley and companions in the Don Juan outside the Casa Maghi. A watercolour painting by Trelawny's friend Captain Dan Roberts.



Very last days (band 16)


The view towards Lerici from the Casa Magni

liv-harbour-rsThe seaward view from the harbour

that Shelley, Williams and sailor boy

Charles Vivian set out from on July 8th


Moorings at Livorno
livorno sea3
Harbour at Livorno



All reasonable effort has been made to find and contact the copyright owners of the images in ‘Shelley’s Golden Years in Italy’. Where images are not in the public domain any omissions

or errors are inadvertent and will be corrected if notice is sent to John Webster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Photographs by John Webster

Shelley, Hunt illustrations by Ruth Murray

Photograph of John Webster by Robin Stewart

Photograph of Benjamin Zephaniah by John Webster


Paradise of Exiles


Shelley boat illustration courtesy of the Bodleian Library Oxford

River Serchio Bjørn Christian Tørrissen - Own work by uploader, http://bjornfree.com/galleries.html licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


Commune di San Giuliano di Pisa



Rise like Lions

Peterloo plaque Simon Harriyot licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Manchester library services (Richard Carlile 1790-1843)

By Anonymous;[2] Published by J.Evans and Sons, 42 Long Lane West, Smithfield [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Spartacus educational

Public domain


Wild Spirit



soho society mural by Louise Vines Soho Society

Florence storm photograph by John Webster

Shelley illustration by Ruth Murray


Pisa photographs by John Webster

Tommaso Sgricci illustration http://www.giovannidallorto.com/biografie/sgricci/sgricci.html

Giovanni Dall’Orto


Bodleian library


The Pine Forest

John Webster

M Disacco

"Hobbit Forest" by Andrea Iorio San Rossore, Parks Paths, Pisa Italy, Nature https://plus.google.com/+Placestoseeinyourlifetime/posts/eVAmmVs2FPx




Watercolour of Lerici by Captain Daniel Roberts, in the collection of Eton College


The Triumph of Life

John Webster

Bodleian library


The Funeral

Louis Édouard Fournier, The Cremation of Percy Bysshe Shelley, oil on canvas, Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery.




The World’s Great Age


 Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons 


Roman Forum photograph by Carla Tavares (contact: Nuno Tavares)

Mary Wollstonecraft portrait National Portrait Gallery, London

 Antonio Leisman National Portrait Gallery

Notting Hill photograph by John Webster


Shelley illustration  by Ruth Murray


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