Tucked away in a fold of history,

a band of poets as talented, life-enhancing and

influential as that legendary band from Liverpool

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They could be called ‘The First Fab Four’, three great poets –

Keats, Shelley and Byron - plus their friend and supporter

Leigh Hunt. Now their work – inspiring, soothing,

full of beauty and vision - is available in

a unique new format.

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John Webster                               Dave Eastoe

Songwriter John Webster has brought them from the

printed page into the flow of the music-scene. Melodic

indie-folk songs, underpinned by Dave Eastoe’s thoughtful,

sympathetic musicianship, draw on a wide range of their lyrics

and give the four a new and contemporary presence.


Get the album!

The compilation album ‘The First Fab Four’ will introduce you to - or remind you

of - these four great spirits who lived in - and reacted creatively to - a rapidly changing world.

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 Click on album cover to download; Listen on Spotify here;

get more info on the songs and their background

at Lyrics and Commentaries.


Creating a distinctive and refreshing poetic space,

'The First Fab Four' opens with ‘Jenny Kissed Me’, (a medley of their love lyrics);

introduces Lord Byron in ‘Lord B. in Motion’, and explores Byron and Shelley's 

political side in Marathon, Rise like Lions and Wild Spirit.

After two song versions of Keats classics including To Autumn, Shelley’s

beautiful Italian love lyrics and his thoughts on hope and mortality, the album concludes

with songs that see the group passing into history. A good value download,

and a fantastic introduction to, or reminder of the poets' work.




1. Jenny kissed me (Medley)

2. Lord B. in Motion

3. Marathon (Byron)

4. Rise like Lions (Shelley)

5. Wild Spirit (Shelley)

6. To Autumn (Keats)

7. On the Shore (Keats)

8. The Pine Forest (Shelley)

9. Many a Green Isle (Shelley)

10. The Funeral

11. Adonais (Shelley)

12. Epitaph (Byron)

13. The World's Great Age (Shelley)

14. So we'll go no more a roving (Byron)

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